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  • 12.3.2011

    The European natural stone standards aim to assist producers in product control and documentation as a strategic tool for image building, building consumers trust and business. However, it is not being fully utilized by the the Nordic stone industry that consists primarily of SMEs. more

  • 6.4.2011

    With the programme Business Model Innovation in Tourism and Experience Industries (BMI Tourism and Experience), Nordic Innovation and the OECD initiate a joint cooperation programme. more

  • 23.1.2012

    Innotools is a pilot project developed by Nordic Innovation in cooperation with SRI International and Kellogg School of Management, where the aim is to test the method Five Disciplines of Innovation, developed by Curtis R. Carlson. more

  • 12.12.2012

    - Enhancing the competitiveness of Nordic businesses. Innovation is more than product development; it is about creating new value. more