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Writing the Nordic startup story – together

Photo: Slush/Jenny Jungell
  • Published 27/10/2015
Some of the most important Nordic startup media have joined forces to help tell the whole #NordicMade story.


While media actors often consider others within the same segment competitors, a group of Nordic startup and tech writers has thought differently. Earlier this year, some of them gathered in Copenhagen on initiative from Nordic Innovation to discuss how to best promote startups and entrepreneurs from the Nordic countries – together.


– We even had plans to do it ourselves. However, we never came around to do it. Not until Nordic Innovation stepped in and helped us realise it, says Dmitri Sarle, CEO of the Finnish-based startup media ArticStartup.


The result became a network of Nordic startup media who help each other to cover all the interesting startup and entrepreneurial stories from the Nordic region. Later, other media have joined.




Some of the network members met at Tech BBQ in Copenhagen earlier this year, where they spoke about the network:




The media industry is rapidly changing, and the network members think they can create more value by collaborating. As they all have different niches, one write about early-stage startups while another focuses on data-driven analysis, or focuses on individual countries, they felt that each member brings something different to the table.


– The better we understand how we differentiate from each other, the more we can work together to improve the Nordic startup scene as a whole, says Pia Ella Elmegård from Nordic Startup Bits and Trendsonline.


All members are writing out of love for the Nordic startup community, and by joining forces they feel they have more impact in promoting the Nordic region – and in telling the whole #NordicMade story.



Value from the community

Having taken the initial initiative, Nordic Innovation is happy to see the benefits in in collecting all the startups success stories under the same umbrella.


– Our philosophy is to engage in initiatives where the community is directly involved and creates the value – the #NordicMade hashtag is exactly such an initiative. We have helped facilitate the process that led to the hashtag, but the real value comes from the community filling the hashtag with stories, meaning, and value, says communication adviser Frederik Waitz from Nordic Innovation.


In the future, Nordic Innovation will help facilitate different initiatives, like the #NordicMade showcase in New York in August, to give even more value to the #Nordicmade label. 


- Our belief is that we together as a region can raise more attention to the extremely talented Nordic startup scene and thus create even more great Nordic startup success, Frederik Waitz adds.



Meetup at SLUSH

Tech journalists and writes are invited to join the second Nordic tech writer meetup at SLUSH. SLUSH runs from november 11-12 in Helsinki, Finland and is one of the worlds biggest Startup confrences with more than 14.000 perticipants.


For more info about the Nordic Tech Writer Network and the SLUSH meetup please contact Frederik Waitz ( or Joppe Quaedvlieg (