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Leading companies in the Nordic building industry signed Nordic Built Charter

  • Published 09/08/2012
The Nordic building sector is not utilising the huge market potential within sustainable building and retrofitting to the full. The Nordic Built initiative calls for joining forces to capitalise on existing strongholds and deliver the sustainable concepts that the world demands. Leading companies have already taken a step in the right direction, and the rest of the industry is invited to follow.

On 8 August, 20 top leaders from the Nordic building sector signed Nordic Built Charter in Copenhagen, showing that they are ready for a change. By signing Nordic Built Charter, they commit to implementing 10 principles in their strategy and work, and taking the necessary steps to deliver competitive solutions for sustainable construction.


- As a development and construction company, Skanska is dependent on its supply chain. We see the Nordic Built Charter as an opportunity to find and seek likeminded suppliers and partners, while strengthening our sustainable commitment, says Staffan Haglind, green business officer Skanska.


The project leader, senior innovation adviser Eili Vigestad Berge from Nordic Innovation, is happy about the positive response from the building sector.


- The Nordic building sector is already delivering a range of single components to low energy buildings. In addition, environmental issues are high on the public agenda in all the Nordic countries. Combined with strict regulations and high ambitions to make the best built environment in the world, we mean that the Nordic building sector is in a unique position to take on this challenge. Therefore we invite the whole sector to sign Nordic Built Charter and to work in accordance to its principles. By joining forces we can make the most of this growing market opportunity, says Vigestad Berge.



Political initiative
Nordic Built is one of six so called lighthouse projects that were launched in connection with the new industrial and innovation policy cooperation program focusing on green growth that the Nordic Trade and Industry Ministers agreed on in October 2011. The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation are funding the project, and the latter is contributing to the realisation of the project together with the Nordic countries.


The Nordic Built programme will be carried out through the execution of three main modules over the period 2012-2014. The modules will cover a range of interconnected activities and build on each other. The first part is about defining the opportunities and challenges in the Nordic building sector, resulting in Nordic Built Charter that defines the core principles of the programme.



The challenge of Nordic Built
Later this year the second part, Nordic Built Challenge, will be launched, where innovators from within and beyond the building sector are invited to compete in the sustainable renovation of five buildings – one in each Nordic country. The aim is to concretise Nordic Built Charter through a stimulating challenge, a significant prize sum and a great deal of attention.


- We want to create new, innovative constellations by urging teams to work across country borders and disciplines. By triggering the competitive instinct of the building sector we hope that we can bring forward ideas that can put the Nordic region in front when it comes to sustainable building, says Vigestad Berge.


Nordic Built-ambassadors: COWI, Energistyrelsen, Henning Larsen Architects, KAB, Velux, Batteríið, EFLA Consulting Engineers, Government Construction Contracting Agency (GCCA), Iceland Green Building Council, Entra Eiendom, NCC Property Development, Snøhetta, Zero, ByggVesta, SINTEF Byggforsk, Pöyry, Uponor, and Skanska.