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  • 20/09/2011 Nordic tourism companies goes green(er)

    To be inspired and to receive useful tools for developing green innovation. These are some of the reasons why XXLofoten and Tivoli have chosen to participate in an innovation programme launched by Nordic Innovation and OECD.
  • 16/09/2011 World Economic Forum: A need for a common understanding of innovation

    Innovation across cultures was the main topic of a session at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian, China, with Ivar H. Kristensen from Nordic Innovation as one of the participants.
  • 05/10/2011 Nordic Innovation Summit shows good examples

    We need to create good Norwegian and Nordic examples of successful innovations, and not only use international examples as Apple and IBM, said Truls Berg, chairman of the Innovation Forum.
  • 14/09/2011 Nordic food to the people

    - My heart is set on making Nordic food available to most people, both the concept and the food. Healthy Nordic food is not reserved for gourmet cooks, says Jeanette Roede, concept and communication manager and one of the owners of Grete Roede AS.
  • 09/09/2011 Social responsibility and innovation – a challenge for Nordic companies

    How and to what extent do large Nordic companies implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their innovation strategies?
  • 24/08/2011 Marine innovation funding in high demand

    This spring Nordic Innovation published two calls offering a total of 30 mill NOK in funding proposals for Nordic marine innovation projects. The calls returned no less than 33 proposals from a range of businesses and organisations in the Nordic region. On the whole the applicants have applied for the net sum of 112 965 mill. NOK
  • 24/08/2011 Nordic Cleantech Open launches today - international investors and industrials join the jury

    Cleantech Scandinavia announces that the business & innovation competition Nordic Cleantech Open (NCO) for start-ups launches today. The competition runs for its second consecutive year – now with a number of additions to the program. The previous event was an international success, with sold out events in Copenhagen and at the London Stock Exchange.
  • 21/07/2011 Results from workshops on Nordic sustainable building concepts

    In five weeks throughout five Nordic countries we have executed five workshops involving 150 knowledgeable Nordic professionals from a wide range, to give us their input in forming the coming Nordic innovation programme on Climate-friendly construction.
  • 21/07/2011 Win a cooking trip to Washington, DC

    If you love to cook and are between the ages of 18 and 24 you could could be the one to win a trip to Washington DC in October 2011.
  • 30/06/2011 Green innovation in Moomin World – and other interesting places

    Exploring and stimulating green innovation in the tourism and experience economy are the main objectives of a joint innovation programme, launched recently by Nordic Innovation and the OECD. 15 companies, providing a wide spectrum of experiences to their customers, were present at the programme’s Nordic kick-off seminar, held in Copenhagen on June 22.
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