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Nordic-Canadian cooperation

To ensure continuity and to promote the good relationship between the Nordic countries and Canada, the Nordic Council of Ministers have funded a joint project that Nordic Energy Research (NER) and Nordic Innovation governs.
  • Published 02/02/2011

NER and Nordic Innovation will through 2011 further develop different activities that stimulate Nordic-Canadian relationships in the field of sustainable energy and innovation. Through these activities the Nordic institutions are taking concrete actions to visualize an unused potential that lies in further relations between the Nordics and Canada in the areas of sustainable energy and innovation.


The overall aims are to build up networks and collaboration mechanisms that are continuous between the two regions, as well as foster knowledge sharing and technology transfer.


Objectives of the cooperation

Exchange of expertise: Share views and recommendations from experts on for example funding applications and research papers.


Exchange of knowledge: When activities, for example seminars and workshop, are taking place within the focus areas the two regions could see to invite speakers/delegates from the regions respectively (could be seen as a stepping stone for building consistent networks as well as further cooperation developments).


Exchange of innovation: Innovation hubs – collaboration between science- and innovation parks, exchange programmes through parks could be developed.