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Nätverk för tillverkningssimulering

  • Published 07/03/2003
  • Last updated 10/03/2011
A network of five research nodes within Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden was created, and forms for a continued network in manufacturing simulation have been defined. Contacts with industry in the five partner countries have been a major part of the project work.

Frontpage report

The contacted companies and industrial groups have demonstrated their interest to participate in a network on manufacturing process simulation. Information on the network idea was also spread during national workshops and seminars. 

A website for the network was created, and a Newsletter/Invitation leaflet to send out to new partners. An international workshop has been planned for May 20, 2003 in Göteborg in cooperation with the EU network EVEN.

The Nordic network on manufacturing process simulation will benefit from the following gains:

  1. Interest group and discussion forum: A defined group of people with a common interest in numerical simulation of manufacturing processes, where different Nordic countries have concentrated competence in different processes.

  2. Informal help desk: Exchange of experience from work with various software, processes and materials

  3. Material data base: Exchange of material models and materials data

  4. Stronger resource: Cooperation in specific industrial projects, based on existing experience, test facilities, software, and human resources

  5. Strategic planning, research initiatives: Cooperation to perform studies of manufacturing simulation in the Nordic countries and world-wide, and initiation of joint research projects

  6. Information, events: Yearly events for Nordic Industry to promote the use of simulation in design, product development and process preparations. Information transfer through website and newsletters.

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