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Concrete for the Environment - a Nordic Network

  • Published 03/03/2004
  • Last updated 08/06/2011
The main objective was to establish a permanent Nordic Network that will create a common understanding of and formulation of criteria for sustainable concrete structures, promote the development and use of sustainable concrete structures and finally promote the use of concrete for the benefit of the environment

Frontpage report

Milestones within year three have been fulfilled, i.e..

  • Two network meetings, i.e. the 5th and the 6th in the network, have been held

  • The database with information about sustainable concrete structures.

  • A newsletter has been made in June 2003

  • A seminar was held in Oslo November 2003

More than 35 inputs have been filled in the project web, mainly from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The project web gives an overview of activities in the Nordic countries related to sustainable concrete structures. It appears that the focus related to sustainable concrete structures is different in the different countries according to the table shown below.


Evaluation of results


Pioneering in the exploitation of synergistic networks through innovative systems

The network has – as was intended – created contact and information exchange between the industries, institutes and universities that are members of the network. All the Nordic cement manufacturers are members of the network, as well as leading research institutes and universities which care about environmentally friendly concrete. Therefore it seems realistic that the network has led to an efficient and beneficial co-operative structure not only between the players in the network –but also between other players outside the network. The latter is due to the fact that workshops/seminars have been open for other players and that the newsletter has been distributed broadly. 


Cutting-edge innovation in efficient infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises.

No small and medium-sized enterprises are members of the network. However, it is expected that improvements of the business climate and the opportunities for internationalisation for small to medium-sized enterprises will take place at later stages in the network. One of the goals of the project is to promote the development and use of sustainable concrete structures. Spreading of the positive results regarding this to the small to medium-sized enterprises has been through newsletters, seminars and through the participating institutes such as Danish Technological Institute, Cement och Betonginstituttet and SINTEF whose role it is to provide service to these stakeholders.


Models for management issues and business culture

The network has through a seminar and a newsletter worked on the improvement of the environmental image of cement and concrete that will lead to a strengthening of the competitive power on an international level. The seminar has attracted people from outside the Nordic countries and the newsletter has been distributed to people outside the Nordic countries. Furthermore, an article will be prepared from the seminar to be published in American Concrete International. Thus it is assumed that goodwill is achieved for the Nordic countries also from a global perspective.


Pioneering in areas which have been identified as being of importance for the Nordic skills market

The database with Nordic activities with concrete for the environment, the newsletter and the presentations at the seminar clearly illustrate the strong Nordic skill market regarding sustainable concrete constructions. It is the network member’s impression from contact (conferences, other projects etc) to European and international players that the Nordic cement and concrete industry is in front regarding environmental issues. 


Project duration: 01.01.2001 - 31.12.2003

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