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  • 20-05-2011

    LWAgeolight is an internordic project aiming at developing technical solutions for the use of LWA for insulation and lightweight fill in roads and railways. more

  • 20-05-2011

    The Nordic countries are well-known for their high quality agricultural products and good farm management. Family farms are the foundation of Nordic agriculture. Nowadays, external demands on agriculture are increasing, leading to pressures on farms that may become overwhelming. These external demands relate to efficiency, compliance with standards, the environment, ethics and human and animal health. more

  • 20-05-2011

    Det finns stora vinster att hämta på att öka beständigheten hos asfaltbeläggningar. Om man lyckas öka livslängden på beläggningarna i Norden med en procent (försiktig uppskattning) leder detta till en besparing för samhället på 80 miljoner kronor per år! more

  • 20-05-2011

    Risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension rise continuously with increasing weight, creating a huge overlap between the prevention of obesity and the prevention of a variety of chronic diseases. New EU-legislation allows the use of weight regulation and satiety-related health claims on foods, if sufficient scientific evidence exists behind the claims. This offers new opportunities to the Nordic food industry. more

  • 20-05-2011

    Microsystems, or small, functional components, will be the key components in systems realizing “the instrumentation society” we are entering during the next 5-10 years. There are numerous possible applications for microsystems. As a breakthrough technology, allowing unparalleled synergy between previously unrelated fields such as biology and microelectronics, many new microsystems applications will emerge, expanding beyond that which is currently identified or known. more

  • 20-05-2011

    The project aimed to clarify the situation of sheet metal forming technologies for low volume production in the Nordic countries and EU and map the industrial demands on the field. more

  • 20-05-2011

    Corrosion problems in district heating systems in the Nordic countries are rare. Nonetheless, corrosion is occasionally still responsible for leak problems and an important factor for process control and asset management. Thus, corrosion should be monitored as other important process parameters such as pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. more

  • 06-06-2011


  • 08-06-2011

    Den övergripande målsättningen med nätverksprojektet ”nordisk geosyntetgrupp” (NGG) var att inom Norden öka kunskapen om geosynteter i byggandet och påverka det europeiska standardiseringsarbetet (CEN) så att nordiska aspekter beaktades. more

  • 09-06-2011

    Basert på en gjennomgang av erfaringer med tidligere miljøsatsinger og spesifikke miljøtemaer samt en vurdering av nasjonale prioriteringer og satsninger, har gruppen kommet frem til følgende 5 hovedanbefalinger for videre miljøoppfølging i Fondet: more

  • 22-06-2011

    Design, merkevarebygging og markedsføring er like viktig. Ikke minst er det viktig å motivere kvinnene til å bli entreprenører. I Norden er det dobbelt så stor sannsynlighet at menn vil starte nye bedrifter som kvinner. Dette er noen av konklusjonene i rapporten fra konferansen “Små innovative foretak og entreprenørskap i Norden” som nå ligger klar. more

  • 07-06-2011

    Innovation in rural areas represents a potential that has not been exploited in the Nordic countries. Especially in the areas of tourism and agriculture, the governments need a more proactive attitude towards possibilities in relation to innovation in the periphery. more

  • 20-05-2011

    With the support of Nordic InnovationsCenter, the standardisation organisations and standardisation authorities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark have carried out a survey of the strategic opportunities and perspectives of increased cooperation. more

  • 20-05-2011

    With the support of Nordic InnovationsCenter, the standardisation organisations and standardisation authorities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark have carried out a survey of the strategic opportunities and perspectives of increased cooperation. more

  • 12-03-2011

    Testimonials from the participants clearly state that they have benefited from the project in various ways. The most obvious ones are realization of existing values in intangible resources and better management of those resources. more

  • 12-03-2011

    An important part of the regulations for venture capital relates to legal and taxation issues for transnational investments into venture capital funds. more

  • 18-01-2012

    The removal of cross-border barriers, thus creating a highly functioning internal Nordic market, has always been high on the Nordic agenda. The Nordic region should be a region without borders, where there are no cross-border barriers that limit the free movement of expertise, ideas, capital, people and goods. more

  • 26-06-2012

    The EU is currently facing its most severe economic crises ever, with unemployment rising and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) not returning to its earlier growth path. In the face of this situation, in April 2011, the European Commission launched 12 new initiatives under the Single Market Act with the aim of boosting the Single Market and exploiting its potential as a driver of economic growth in the EU. more

  • 13-03-2012

    This report sets out the findings from a study on services certification linked to service standards at national level in Europe, which was carried out by the Technopolis Group on behalf of Nordic Innovation in the period September 2011 – February 2012. more

  • 11-04-2012

    This report is a descriptive compilation of regulations of the Nordic countries for wooden houses. The project went on during 2007 and was finished during 2008. The work is based on a questionnaire survey and on the comparison of standards and regulations. more

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