Nordic Lighthouse Projects

The Nordic Cooperation Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2014-2017 has identified five new so-called lighthouse projects that has been approved by the Nordic Ministers of Trade and Industry. Nordic Innovation is together with our cooperation partners still working on the content of the projects, and the project pages will be continuously updated over the next months.

Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions - strengthening the Nordic region as an innovative and leading region within health and welfare

Nordic Built Cities - building on the Nordic Built experiences

Innovative Nordic Digital Solutions - making the Nordic region a digital pioneer

Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Finance - promoting entrepreneurship and business by strengthening entrepreneurial skills and improving access to finance

Nordic Partnership for Expansion of Cultural and Creative Industries - strengthening the competitiveness of the Nordic cultural and creative industries in a global perspective

You can still find information about the 2011-2013 lighthouse projects here.
  • 30-03-2016Announcing Hack4Norden: Nordic data driven innovation challenge

    As part of the lighthouse project Innovative Nordic digital solutions, Nordic Innovation and partners are proud to present the Nordic challenge on data driven innovation: Hack4Norden 2016.
  • 11-01-2016Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions

    Seven Nordic projects have been funded with the aim of uniting and strengthening efforts across the Nordics in order to develop a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation.
  • 21-09-2015Nordic Cultural and Commercial House

    The vision of the Nordic Cultural & Commercial House (NCCH) is to connect the Nordic countries to the world’s emerging economies while realising synergies between the Nordic countries.
  • 23-04-2015Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0

    Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0 was initiated to promote cross-sectorial innovations. The programme period is from 2015 to 2017.
  • 15-01-2015Nordic Innovation Incubator in Masdar City

    The Nordic Innovation Incubator in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi opens for business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • 20-10-2014Growth Market Partner Tool

    Welcome to the Growth Market Partner Tool — a tool designed for Nordic SMEs who want to increase their presence in growth markets in collaboration with local partners.
  • 03-03-2013The Nordic 10 - A high growth entrepreneurship initiative

    Ten Nordic projects have been selected for funding, with the aim to contribute to creating joint Nordic growth enhancing activities and increasing the deal flow of young innovative companies that are able to scale into Nordic and international markets.
  • 07-02-2013Nordic Marine Innovation Programme

    The programme is the first of its kind in bringing the marine industry together across the borders in the Nordic Countries. The programme ran from 2011 to 2014 and is now closed.
  • 09-07-2012Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation

    How can the Nordic health sector become an even more innovative and demanding procurer? The aim of this program is to improve innovation procurement in the health sector through extended exchange of knowledge and cross-border cooperation.
  • 01-06-2012Nordisk Marint Innovationsprogram

    Målet med det marine innovationsprogram er, at gennem støtte til nordiske samarbejdsprojekter, styrke innovationen inden for den marine sektor, for at kunne øge fortjenesten og konkurrenceevnen i Norden.
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