Ministry of Trade and Industry of Norway

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for designating industrial policy with an eye to the future. This includes involvement in any policy area that affects value creation.
  • Publiceret 21-02-2011

Ministry of Norwegian Trade and Industry logoThe collective value creation nationwide is what determines prosperity and well-being in Norway. The objective of the Government’s industrial policy, therefore, is to maximise value creation in the Norwegian economy.


The Ministry designates, creates a framework for and administers policy regarding Norwegian business activities – as well as other industrial policy instruments and policy for the shipping industry. The Ministry promotes trade, research, innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and access to qualified capital .

In addition, the Ministry of Trade and Industry aids in coordinating the efforts of the various ministries in order to ensure a sound, unified, future-oriented industrial policy.


The Ministry serves as secretariat for the Minister of Trade and Industry, a task which involves providing expert advice to the cabinet minister and Government in the sphere of industrial policy, as well as aiding in the drawing up of documents to the Storting.