Calls for proposals

  • 08-04-2016The Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme

    Nordic Innovation, NordForsk and Nordic Energy Research join forces and launch a call for proposals on green growth to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable Nordic society. Approximately 73 MNOK will be granted to the best Nordic innovation and research projects.
  • 04-08-2015Nordic Built Cities Challenge

    The competition will run until 31 October 2016, but is now closed for new entries.
  • 20-06-2014Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0

    Nordic Innovation, in cooperation with national partner organisations, is launching a new call for proposals: Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0. This call is now closed.
  • 25-06-2014Call for proposals: Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions

    In cooperation with Tekes, Vinnova, Innovation Norway and Rannis, Nordic Innovation invites consortia of organisations to submit proposals for Nordic projects in the field of health innovation. The aim of the call is to unite and strengthen efforts across the Nordics in order to develop a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation. The call is now closed.
  • 11-06-2014Nordic Built call for proposals 2014

    Nordic Built has launched a new call for proposals for innovation projects that promote sustainable building in the Nordic region and export of Nordic solutions beyond the region. The call is now closed.
  • 23-09-2013Nordic Solved - Innovation

    Nordic Solved is a unique programme, which allows Nordic private and public actors to apply for funding at any time, outside traditional calls. The programme provides the possibility to get a swift response on a project idea. THIS PROGRAMME IS NOW CLOSED.
  • 06-04-2016State aid information

    Important information regarding state aid regulation related to financial support from Nordic Innovation.

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