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Board members

  • Published 30/11/2017
  • Last updated 13/05/2011
Nordic Innovation's board members are selected by the five Nordic governments. The chair of the board is an alternating position. Board meetings are held four times a year and representatives from Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation are present at all meetings.
Portait of board member Jenni Nordborg in black and white



Jenni Nordborg (Chair)

Director and Head of Health Division at VINNOVA

Stockholm, Sweden


Portrait of board member Hans Martin Vikdal. Photo: Agnete Brun



Hans Martin Vikdal

Director and Head of Finance, Scorecards and Funds at Innovation Norway

Oslo, Norway


 Portrait of Andreas Rahlf Hauptmann    



Andreas Ralph Hauptmann

Office Manager, EU & International relations

Danish Business Authority 

Copenhagen, Denmark


 Portrait of Berglind Hallgrímsdóttir    



Berglind Hallgrímsdóttir

Managing Director at Innovation Center Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland


 Portrait of Jukka Häyrynen    




Jukka Häyrynen

Executive Director, Startups, Business Finland

Helsinki, Finland




Representative from Nordic Council of Ministers:

Kristian Henriksen

Senior Adviser/Business, Energy & Regional Development

Copenhagen, Denmark





Representative from Nordic Innovation:

Trine Moa (observer)

Oslo, Norway


 Portait of Mathea Hilduberg    


Representative from Vinnuframi (the Faroese trade promotion authority):

Mathea Hilduberg (observer)


Tórshavn, Faroe Islands