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Prototyping and low volume production of sheet metal components

  • Published 25/02/2004
  • Last updated 20/05/2011
The project aimed to clarify the situation of sheet metal forming technologies for low volume production in the Nordic countries and EU and map the industrial demands on the field.

The objective was to give Nordic industry information on available methods to produce low volume sheet metal products. The focus has been on cost efficient methods that are flexible enough to produce different product geometries with a short lead times. 

Manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. Prototyping with rapid manufacturing technologies is a part of the everyday business in many companies and prototypes are used efficiently as part of the production development process. As customers demand more tailored products, and production series in many cases become smaller, new methods for low volume production and prototyping are required. 

Sheet metal forming has traditionally been a technology area where prototyping has been extremely expensive and efficient options for low volume production have been limited. Producing complicated geometries has also been difficult. 

The sheet metal forming technologies have developed rapidly recently. New methods enable forming of complicated geometries, and short series with low cost. Some of the methods are still quite new, some have been used for a while, but the industry’s awareness of these methods should be increased. 

This report describes the state-of-the-art of sheet metal forming technologies for low volume production, and some ideas from the project group of potential applications in Nordic sheet forming industry.


Contact person:

Lotta Lamminen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

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