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Green Business Model Innovation - Business case study compendium

  • Published 16/10/2012
  • Last updated 18/10/2012
41 companies have been interviewed and business case studies written. Their business models contain in one way or another elements of green business model innovation. This business case study compendium is a compilation of all the business case studies complied during the project.

The Business Case Studies collection is one of the reports completed within the Green Business Model Innovation project for Nordic Innovation from august 2011 to august 2012. The work is a continuation of a previous project called Green Business Models in the Nordic Region – A key to promote sustainable growth, completed for in 2010.


The purpose of this compendium is to identify next practice among front runner companies and provide insights into how companies have implemented Green Business Model Innovation.


The business case companies were identified through experts on business models and green innovation in the private sector. The experts were asked to recommend companies that they perceived as having a green business model with innovative elements. They were also asked to provide initial information on the companies and their business model. Interviews with 41 companies were conducted and business case studies completed for each interview.


The work has been made possible thanks to funding from Nordic Innovation and the others partners on the project; The Danish Business Authority, VINNOVA, TEKES, Innovation Norway and Innovation Centre Iceland. The Nordic working group which has undertaken the work of this project has representatives of the Nordic innovation agencies and experts working with framework conditions, performance and funding green growth. We would also like to thank the group of experts whom have been interviewed and participated in workshops and discussions.


The Danish Business Authority has been the project lead, and the team at the Danish Business Authority consisted of: Kristian Henriksen, Special Advisor and project owner, Markus Bjerre, Head of section, Jakob Øster, Head of section, Alexandra-Maria Almasi, research assistant, and Emil Damgaard, research assistant. In addition the consultants Casper Høgenhaven from Hoegenhaven Consult and Tanja Bisgaard from Novitas Innovation have participated in the work, as well as the consultancy COWI. Tanja from Novitas Innovation took on the project management from January 2012.