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ScanBalt BioRegion - Europe‘s first metaregion

  • Published 23/02/2006
  • Last updated 20/05/2011
The report "Scanbalt BioRegion - Creating a Knowledge Based Bio-Economy" marks the end of the project "ScanBalt - Network of Networks" financed by the Nordic Innovation Centre. This report outlines the milestones, and achievements of ScanBalt and ScanBalt BioRegion from the initial vision in 2001, to the present day - with the recognition as Europe's first successful metaregion.

Frontpage report

The project “ScanBalt Networks of Networks in biotech” was divided into 4 sub projects:

  • ScanBalt organisation
  • Biotech one click away
  • Educational mobility; and
  • Economic barriers for Borderless Biotech
ScanBalt organisation
ScanBalt was 1 August 2004 established as an independent not for profit membership association. ScanBalt has attracted more than 4 mill Euro to the members, mainly in EU co-financing. A ScanBalt strategy 2006-2008 with 3 key priorities and 11 specificaction lines was adopted in June 2005. 

Biotech one click away
The web has approximately 50.000 hits per month. The ScanBalt Newsletter has 6000 subscribers, coming out 6 times a year. 

Educational mobility
The Fact file “Education” allows to search for life science study and research institutions and their International student offices across ScanBalt BioRegion and present the education systems in the various countries. 

ScanBalt Campus, a Nordic-Baltic University structure in life science and biotechnology is being established co-funded by Interreg lllB. ScanBalt Campus creates critical mass and promotes shared curricula. 

ScanBalt Academy has been established with prominent scientist from Industry and Academia to promote quality. 

A ScanBalt-Novo Nordic student exchange programme has been established. 

Economic barriers for Borderless Biotech
Fact file Investment informs of investment and venture capital companies. In addition can be found information on the public support systems for innovation throughout ScanBalt BioRegion. The fact file is published as a searchable database. 

In June 2005 Nature Biotechnology could declare that ScanBalt wasEurope’s most successful initiative. ScanBalt acts as a recognized voice for ScanBalt BioRegion.

Project duration: 01.12.2002 - 01.12.2005
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