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Networking in Fisheries Research

  • Published 23/02/2003
  • Last updated 20/05/2011
A Network in Fisheries Research was launched at the TAFT 2003 conference in Reykjavik. This was the first joint Trans Atlantic Fisheries Technologists conference of the Western European Fisheries Technologists´ Association (WEFTA) and the Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference (AFTC).

Frontpage report

The aim was to create a networking forum to promote international cooperation in fisheries research in Europe and North America. Results include a list of 113 participants from 22 different countries worldwide. The majority of participants came from universities and research institutes; this was to be expected as the forum for the network was a scientific conference. As a result of the Network, networking topics have been discussed and action plans executed for further networking. The following networking ideas were identified:


  • Better utilization of by products -Raw material
  • Functional fish products - Novel components
  • Traceability - authenticity / species identification
  • Total quality management - Innovative handling and processing
  • Safety and quality exchange programme
  • Aquaculture - Replacements in fish feed
  • Consumer driven fish production


About half of the participants in the networking (54) selected networking groups focusing on: Better utilisation of by products - novel components and functional properties of fish components. This great interest reinforces the importance of fishery utilization to the North Atlantic rim countries. Ongoing work in this area on the utilization of by-products were presented at the TAFT 2003 conference from e.g. Iceland and Newfoundland. By-Products Utilization Center was cited as an example of trans-Atlantic cooperation. The area of neutraceuticals comes under this secondary product category as well and may well become the trans-Atlantic cooperation that will develop from the networking at TAFT conference.
There was also a considerable interest in the topic safety and quality exchange programme (20 participants) which is consistent with the Aquatic Fish Product Initiative (AFPI) of FAO ( The networking will focus on common global safety and quality problems and communication on methodology, with the aim to establish convenient, recognized methods and scientifically based programs for verifications/certifications of product quality and safety in international commerce.
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